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Day 1 of Klaroweek: Metas/Discussion

Time to start KLAROWEEK!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!

So on day 1, share your in depth klaroline thoughts, ask questions to those whose wisdom you admire, share the love. 

Shipper story questions:

  1. Why do you ship Klaroline? Because they are ever perfect and are each others last loves

  2. Why do you think Klaroline is endgame material? Last loves, it doesn’t get any clearer than that

  3. How would you want their next meeting and consequently their storyline to go? I really don’t know because it will probably be on the originals and I don’t watch that show but maybe a cute jealousy scene with Enzo since Caroline and Enzo are my new bro-tp

  4. Which klaroline scene would you say is most important for the couple? theres are so many that I think are important, right now I’m thinking about how Klaus asked Damon “what is it you say to her?” because he had tried all his usual wooing and trying for forgiveness and it wasn’t working but he geniuinly cared. Also miss mystic falls episode because that episode was a gold mine.

  5. Why do you think the writers are so against klaroline? If you were one of them and had to be objective, what would you do?

I think because they didn’t intend for it to happen and its gone wayy beyond their control they don’t like it, also nothing they have tried to shove our way has worked yet.

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